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Welcome to ONIT Surf Station. Here you will find wave & weather forecasting models & links for the North East Atlantic Ocean. Please click on the Surf Forecast links to the right to see more "in-detail" information about the current and predicted swell. 

Although there is still a bit of science to it all Surfing conditions have never been easier to predict. 

Isobars Charts to the Right: Isobars, lines of equal atmospheric pressure, are drawn every 4hPa (hectopascals or millibars). Areas of High and Low pressure are indicated.With an incredibly varied coastline and almost every imaginable kind of beach and reef set-up available Ireland offers a huge variety of waves to the surfer prepared to suffer cold in the winter and a regular battering from strong coastal winds. North West of Ireland in particular offers the most consistent coastline with a variety of rock reef it makes the most of every drop of swell. While a shallow continental shelf drains a little power from incoming systems the North Atlantic in winter is the most prolific swell generating area on the planet so with a little imagination waves can be found almost everyday outside the less consistent mid summer months.

Below are a number of wind and wave forecasting charts that give you a look at the west coast in general from a wind and wave perspective.

Inch Beach Wave and Wind Forecast:

Lahinch Beach Wave and Wind Forecast:

Sligo Bay Wave and Wind Forecast:

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