2012 A new Year for a new Surf Film

(But here are some old ones first...)

I have been pointing a camera at waves for as long as I have been near them. Photos and Video fascinate me and I completely enjoy mixing this with my fascination of the ocean and in particular, surfing.

I filmed for years with those old HI-8 tapes. Hanging out down the beach and driving around looking for surf gave lots of scope for interesting footage of the lads farting around and messing. While we were never malicious I suppose we were often up to no good rogue-ism (if that is a word).

That was on of my first digital venture way back in 2005. 

I decided I wanted to experiment in the water and got a raft of a water housing in 2009. Here is my first attempt in the water from Easkey.

It is addictive. I don't seem to get the time to shoot or edit the things I would like to these days but I have a so much footage on hard drive now that it is getting a bit silly. 

In late 2009 and 2010 I put this short video together of stuff that had been sitting in my office for a long time.

I thought the slow paced music would match the slow motion of the film and I think having watched it again just now I have to agree with myself... Ha!

I have lots more bits and pieces from over the years and even a 35 minute Surf film I produced in college that might get resurrected soon for your viewing pleasure or dis-pleasure. But I'll leave it at that for now.

P.S. - I am trying to get in touch with musicians who would like to be involved in a project I am working on at the moment. I wanted to get going on this last year but a lot happened in other areas and I was not able to move on it. If you are a musician and you have an interest in promoting what you do through the medium of a surf film then please get in touch with me at info@onitmedia.ie or through my website www.onitsurf.com.

The surf film would be in similar presentation as this short teaser that I did get round to putting together.

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year to you all as well!!


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