The ONIT Surf "Members" section has been developed to offer a little more to folks who… well… offer a little more! If you like ONIT Surf and what we offer then please consider subscribing. The annual membership fee is only €10. A small cost for a great service we think.


The members section boasts much Large WebCam Views that are not pixelated like you browser would do when you zoom. The Android Compatible WebCams section will also be very useful to Android users around Ireland.

We will be adding more content as time goes on; competitions, discounts, free stuff, free photo downloads and videos etc…Possibly even the odd free T-Shirt.


Please Note:

Signing up for a subscription means you have authorised ONIT Media to make a recurring annual charge to your PayPal account for a fixed amount. After signing up, you will be taken to a 'Successful Payment' page with further information on your subscription.

Once payment has been confirmed you will receive your username and password within 24 hours via email. Sharing your Username and Password is strictly prohibited. Your account will be automatically disabled by our software.

Cancelling a Subscription on the day of a scheduled payment will not guarantee the payment won’t be sent. You can only cancel a subscription that is 'Active' and ‘recurring’. 

If you are having problems or need a refund on a subscription, please contact ONIT Media directly at

How do I cancel a subscription on PayPal?

You can easily cancel a subscription from your PayPal account:

Go to Account Overview > History > More Filters drop down menu > Select Subscriptions and Agreements > Recurring Payments > My Profiles > Enter subscription start date Show > View the details of a specific ‘Subscription Creation’ using Details > Cancel to cancel subscription.

Go to Account Overview > History > Locate the subscription Details > Cancel.

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